How To Select A Perfect Wig?

Having a beautiful hairstyle is the wish of every woman. There are more and more types of wigs on the market, and finding the perfect one can be challenging. When you come to the vendor’s site, does the variety of options make you feel hesitant? Like length, density, lace type & cap


1) Wig Length

Different wig textures of the same length may provide different appearances in terms of length. This is because the hair strands in wigs of different textures can be curly or wavy. It causes the hair to look a little shorter than its original length. This essentially means that wigs of the same length but the different texture may appear different.

In order to give you a better understanding of the length of each hair, we include a wig length chart, which shows each length of hair and where it falls on your body. This will help you decide whether a certain length is suitable for you. Depending on your height and physical characteristics, there may be slight changes.


2) Wig Density

Wig density is one of the most important aspects of any wig. Just as human hair has a different density, wigs are also characterized by hair density. Wig density is expressed as a percentage, which tells you how much hair is actually on the wig but does not involve texture. The higher the density percentage, the fuller it looks; The lower the density percentage, the thinner it looks. Getting a wig of the correct density will ensure you can embrace a perfectly natural-looking hairstyle.


3) Lace Type

When shopping for wigs, you will come across different types of lace. Generally, being Swiss lace and HD lace. Each lace type has its unique characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. So, to choose the correct lace type for your wig, it is significant to know about all of them.


HD lace is invisible, seamless and undetectable, very thin and soft. It can melt to most skin tones well. Human hair HD lace wig fits all customers with different color skin, creating an invisible effect that looks very natural. On the other hand, HD lace is more fragile than Swiss lace and is easier to tear during processing, so you need to be very careful with HD lace. Because HD lace is custom-made and expensive, you'll rarely find it on 360 lace wigs or full lace wigs. Instead, you'll find it in a lace closure wig and a lace front wig.