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In fact, the most valuable thing about the sea in S city is that it is pure natural. Although many tourists come here for sightseeing,


In fact, the most valuable thing about the sea in S city is that it is pure natural. Although many tourists come here for sightseeing, I don't know what means the managers have used, but there is no sign of destruction in this sea area. Therefore, the sea in S city is known as the "Mona Lisa of the 21st century", with the most mysterious smile, obscuring the eyes of everyone who yearns for nature. Everyone has gone far, Ruige slowly got off the bus, looking at this so familiar and so strange sea area, the heart is mixed, can not say what is the feeling, is happy? Is it excitement? Is it sadness? Or sad? Ruige walked forward with self-mockery, leaving only the memories he remembered, and he felt so bitter when he recalled them. In order to tidy up the students' luggage, Xiang Hai was one step slower than everyone else. When he came out of the trunk and was ready to go to the sea, he saw the palpitating figure under the blue sky and white clouds. He tore a smile from the corners of his mouth and ran forward quickly. Running on the golden sand, Xianghai, do you remember that he also ran against the wind. Approaching Ruige, Xiang Hai suddenly opened his arms, and his whole body was pressed on Ruige,face recognition identification kiosk, but his hand was hooked around Ruige's neck, so Ruige was depressed. She glanced back at the sea. Xianghai laughed happily. He smiled at Ruige, and then smiled at the endless sea. That smile seemed to rub into the sunshine, but it shook Ruige's eyes. That year, he also smiled at the sea, he also looked at her, they walked on the beach,interactive kiosk price, but the mood is no longer the same, and this is good. Or is it bad? Even the dividing line of a certain Xin Hey ~ ~ ~ Some Xin's hidden bitterness is tight. "Original" is the maiden work of some Xin, what always feel has a lot of places to have a problem. Dear friends, help some Xin, give some advice ~ ~ (^ _ _ ^) Hee hee.. Chapter 36 Sea Night 'Listen To the Wind 'After setting up camp in the camping area, a group of people rushed to the sea. Because it was the peak time for tourism, there were a lot of people in the sea. A group of people frolicked in the sea and could not tell who was who. Ruige followed Xianghai to frolic in the water for a while, then fell directly on the golden beach and sunbathed. Xiang Hai took a bottle of drink and went to Ruige's side. He lowered his head and looked at Ruige with a smile. "Aren't you afraid of tanning?" Ruige disapprovingly, "basking in the sun is good?"? It means I'm healthy. "Does that mean I'm healthy when I'm so dark?" Ruige gave Xiang Hai a white look. "Are you called black like this?"? I've never seen anyone as narcissistic as you. Xiang Hai leaned close to Ruige and pressed Ruige's face, as if acting like a spoiled child: "Compared with Ruige, I am like a black man from an African refugee camp." Ruige burst out laughing, Xiang Hai would always surprise her and make her feel incredible, like this sudden coquetry, I do not know how many times it happened. Xianghai held Ruige's nose in one hand and piled sand on Ruige with the other hand in an attempt to bury her on the beach without being noticed. Ah "Ah.." "Ah.." …… Ruige and Xianghai were playing happily, temperature check kiosk ,digital whiteboard price, but suddenly there was a scream in the sea. Ruige and Xianghai looked at each other for a while, with a surprised expression. The two men immediately stood up and rushed into the sea, but. "Ah.." So handsome, I'm going to faint, I'm going to faint. “…… So stylish, so handsome. “…… The surfing skills are so good and the action is so beautiful. “…… Who is that, so handsome, the best. …… As soon as Ruige came over, he heard the discussion of the girls on the side, and three black lines were drawn on his worried face. She laughed at the corners of her mouth. If she had known that only that boy could cause such a sensational effect, she would not have reacted just now. It seemed that she was going back to nourish her brain. Rachel shook her head with a wry smile, but when she turned her head, she was really startled. I saw Xianghai staring straight at the undulating figure in the distance, as if it was Prince Charming who came by water to save the princess, and he was like a deified, so dazzling, so bright, so.. It's easy to be tempted. Thinking of this, Xiang Hai was startled by his idea, and he immediately turned his eyes away, only to see Ruige staring at him with strange eyes. Xiang Hai touched his face and said doubtfully, "Ruige, is there anything wrong with my face?" Ruige shook his head. Xiang Hai was even more puzzled. "Then why are you looking at me like that?" Ruige leaned close to the sea and said worriedly, "Sea, tell me honestly." "What?" Doubt to the sea. Are you attracted to Xiaoji? Ruige looked at the sea more bitterly. ……” Ruige sadly withdrew his sight, "So it's true, no wonder, no wonder, you will look at Xiaoji with that kind of eyes, hey, I didn't expect that I would lose to a man." At this time, the blue veins on Xianghai's temples were suddenly jumping, and the corners of his mouth were constantly twitching. He shouted to Ruige, "Wang Ruige, what do you have in your head?" When Ruige saw that the situation was not right, he immediately ran away and hooked Ruige to the sea. The two of them immediately played together. However, Xianghai's heart could not be calm for a long time. He looked at Xiaoji like that, not because he was surprised by him, but because he found that Xiaoji was too easy to be "surprised". He did not ignore the strange light that Ruige radiated when he saw him for the first time. He did not know what it represented. Perhaps Ruige himself did not feel it. If Xiaoji suddenly completely withdrew from her life, she. Can you really adapt? She is always so natural to Xiaoji, perhaps it is such a natural, let her ignore the existence of Xiaoji? Xianghai does not know, he does not want to know, he just wants to protect his own happiness, however,interactive whiteboard prices, there is an emotion called "worry about gains and losses" but plays a leading role in his mind. In the evening, everyone lit a bonfire in the non-restricted area. The orange-red bonfire was so warm in the dark night. Everyone gathered around the bonfire to sing and dance, which had a feeling of Miao village.