Runescape Zalcano Skilling Boss Guide

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Zalcano's prison is accessible from Prifddinas’ Trahaearn district via the teleport platform that is located to the west of the south eastern bank.

Zalcano is a demon that is imprisoned under Prifddinas which is defeated with skill, not conventional combat. The players must utilize their mining and smithing skills to make imbued Tephra which can take out her stone armor. Once her armour has been destroyed, players must harm her using an axe.

Zalcano's prison is accessible from Prifddinas’ Trahaearn district via the teleport platform that is located to the west of the south eastern bank. Since Prifddinas requires completion of Song of the Elves to accessthe prison, Zalcano requires at least 70 Mining and Smithing to fight but higher levels of Mining, Smithing and Runecraft can be beneficial, as well as greater Hitpoints to be able to resist her numerous attacks. All of Zalcano's attacks are typeless, meaning that prayers of protection cannot be used to lessen their chance of taking damage or even the damage itself.


For the requirements, the only requirement is to be able to complete the quest Song of the Elves. The quest grants you access to the new elf city. It is advised to have a high level HP, since Zalcano can cause 30-50 damage.


You might use all of your gear. If you don't own this, you might prefer to use the gear that most reduces weight. Use the best pickaxe you have.

If you own the Varrock armor, you may use it instead as it will give you the mining effect of 10.

The Phoenix necklace may also be employed. If you have less than 20% of your maximum hit point, this necklace will replenish 30 percent of your hit points. This necklace will help in saving your life in the event that you are at high risk.

Inventory setup

You must have food and stamina in order to keep track of your inventory. Brews are a good option as you don't have to regularly bank using them. If you bring brews, you will also have more inventory space to loot.

Zalcano Fight Overview

In the fight inside the room, you will be able to see a rock in every of the four corners. You can get tephra by mining the rocks.

You would want to look for the glowing rock. This rock can provide the most tephra. The size of your team will determine how much tephra you will receive.

If you have 15 and more people in your team You will probably have around 5 tephra. When you've got tephra in your possession you can refine it using the furnace.

You should then run to the altar to transform it into imbued tephra. Once you have obtained the Tephra that is imbued then click Zalcano and the tephra will then be thrown to the boss.

Zalcano's shield is going to be diminished. Zalcano's shield has 300 HP. You can reduce Zalcano's shield until 0. It is now possible to damage Zalcano when you have reached zero. It is necessary to do this three times.

Zalcano Boss Mechanics

First Attack Mechanic

Zalcano has many methods to harm you. One of these is Zalcano placing blue and red symbols on the ground in which red symbols are bad, and blue symbols are good.

If you touch the red symbols, you could be injured. If you step on red symbols.

Second Attack Second Attack

The attack on the boulder is Zalcano's second attack. Prior to the attack dust and debris are expected to fall from the ceiling.

Boulders fall from the places where the dirt fall from. When the boulders are close to the ground, a shadow of the boulder will be evident. You will suffer 40 to more injuries if the boulders strike you.

Third Attack Mechanic

Zalcano can also throw a red ball. Zalcano could also throw the red ball into the formation of a rock. You will also be injured. You must dodge to ensure that the rock formation is farther away.

A golem may be created if Zalcano throws an red ball in another place. If the golem reaches Zalcano, Zalcano can regain 50 shield health. You may choose to ignore the golem if you're part of a larger group, as it's much easier to kill Zalcano.

However, if you are performing this on your own or with a small number of players, the only way to take out the golem or even just damage is to lower the shield HP that it returns to Zalcano. You can damage the golem using imbued tephra.

Fourth Attack Mechanic

Zalcano also throws stones at everyone present. This is an element that is hard to overlook.

When Zalcano falls, Zalcano also rises again It is advised to get away from Zalcano in the event of this, as Zalcano will throw you, and you'll get hurt. You may also be shocked.

MVP System

The MVP system, as Zalcano's players believe, is a system where players who have the most damage to Zalcano is awarded more than others. The MVP is the only one who can get the pet directly from Zalcano. You will only be able to get the pet if you kill Zalcano on your own or in small groups. As the MVP, you'll get three regular drops, one of which is made up of crystals, as well as the ashes.

Zalcano Location

You have to go to the southeast from the middle of Prifddinas to get to the location of Zalcano. This Teleport platform to get to Zalcano.

If there is a fight happening, you should not join in. It is best to wait for the fight to finish then you should enter the room before the new boss fight starts.

You will then need to wait for the formation of the rock to glow before you are able to smash it for tephra. Beware of Zalcano's attacks, and do whatever you can. Keep doing the same things as in the battle overview until Zalcano is defeated. This is it. I hope you enjoy this Zalcano Guide.