Golden Goose Sneakers comes to

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Golden Goose Sneakers comes to


FYI SSENSE and mytheresa. We tell stories, highlighting the uniqueness of each one of us. However, with Golden Goose sneakers I could side knot and they stay on with zero slippage. Thats not to say I dont stop and think about it before purchasing a pair, but when it Golden Goose Sneakers comes to them being worth it, I know my answer.

Super Star sneakers in suede leather with perforated star, Super Star sneakers are a Golden Goose evergreen and accompany its collections season after season, updated with the use of innovative materials and finishes.

has some of the coolest branding, and their fashion sneakers are just another example of that. In this version of our Super Star sneakers, we have experimented with a blend of 3 different fabrics smooth leather, mesh and suede.

Never did I ever think that Id be the Golden Goose Running fool dropping a rent payment on a pair of sneakers. Theyre one of the most highly debated items when it comes to fashion, and especially shoes. The Golden star is made of metallic silver and the laces are logoed.

White Super Star sneakers with red rear and black laces, Classic design and iconic details are what make our Super Star sneakers so timeless. I dont find that to always be the case with each style of sneaker, and I think it has to do with the toe not being too chunky, and the details.

In the words of Shania Twain, lets go girls. The next reason I think golden goose sneakers are worth the money is because they are so insanely comfortable. Maybe you wonder why on earth anyone would think to spend this amount on glitter sneakers that look worn or maybe you need help deciding if they really ARE worth it.

Yeah sneakers in silver mesh with a pink star, A statement of lifestyle and self expression, the Yeah sneakers tell their story through a patchwork of fabrics, weaves and colours. Super Star Essentials Reloaded sneakers with handwritten Dreaming in Venice lettering and two tone fuchsia and blue laces.

Super Star sneakers in smooth leather and contrast suede, A mix of materials and textures defines the iconic design of these Super Star sneakers. Golden Goose I wear a 38 in both the PURESTARS and Superstars. These Francy sneakers capture the theme thanks to the pony skin upper in leopard print on a blue background and our star, also in pony skin, with animal print pattern.