How to use an oxygen mask correctly

Oxygen masks in hospitals can be life-saving tools in emergency situations, so it is important to use oxygen masks correctly. Let me introduce to you below.

Oxygen masks in hospitals can be life-saving tools in emergencies. You may even have to wear one every day if you have a medical condition that makes it difficult to breathe. Therefore, the correct use of oxygen masks is very important.

1. When using an oxygen mask at home:

Position the mask with the hollow side facing you. Stretch the mask in front of your face, then rotate it so your face can enter. Make sure the wider end is at the bottom, as that's where your mouth is. Now, grab the elastic that protrudes from the side of the mask.

Hold the mask close to your nose and mouth. Adjust the mask until it fits your face. It will stick firmly to your skin. It should form a seal around your nose and mouth, so reposition it if it feels loose or uncomfortable.

Breathe normally to make sure the mask is working properly. Take a deep breath. You will be able to feel the oxygen coming in through the tube. If you're not getting enough oxygen from it, make sure the mask forms a seal around your nose and mouth. You can also hear the hiss of the mask as it works. If there is no hissing sound, check the oxygen cylinder to make sure it is on. When using the mask, please keep away from cigarettes and open flames, otherwise, it may cause a fire.

2. When using an oxygen mask on an airplane:

Pull the mask toward you until the tube is fully extended. The multi-valve oxygen mask fell from the ceiling. You'll see a long, clear tube with a bag and a colorful round mask inside. Grab the mask and move it slightly forward. Doing this will lengthen the tube so that air can flow through it

Adjust your oxygen mask so that it covers your nose and mouth. Oxygen masks are small but still cover both the nose and mouth. Push it gently towards your face. Make sure it fits snugly against the skin, creating a seal around the nose and mouth.

Breathe normally to get oxygen from the mask. Many expected the bag on the mask to swell. It doesn't move at all, so don't panic if nothing seems to happen. Instead, just take a few deep breaths to stay calm. Oxygen flows through the mask, but you can't see it.

use of oxygen mask

Precautions when using an oxygen mask:

1. Once you start breathing into the mask, you may notice a little heave. If you are not sure, be sure to place the mask correctly.

2. Remember that you have a limited range of motion with an oxygen mask on.

3. The mask may feel uncomfortable at first, but don't try to adjust it to make sure your mask is working properly.

4. When using an oxygen mask, please keep away from cigarettes and open flames, otherwise, it may cause a fire.

The above is the correct use of the oxygen mask introduced, I hope to help everyone. As an oxygen mask company, Innovision Medical provides oxygen masks of good quality and reasonable price. If you are interested in oxygen masks, please pay attention to our website.